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In accountancy the desire for confidencialty and privacy is higly respectable. The wishes of our clients are our top priority, so we are very greatful to our partners who have agreed to publicising the good words that we hear from them every day in our website.

"Happy coincidence or otherwise, since I started to work with Amaija, my business has significantly increased. This pleases."

Vivita Grigala (full service advertising studio - LV Studija)

"At the very beginning of our cooperation with "Amaija" a number of significant errors that the previous accountants had systematically committed were eliminated. Now it is possible for me at any time to receive accurate information regarding my company's financial performance. It is important that this is done at no extra cost. I highly appreciate that when the economic crisis begun and our turnover reduced while at the same time the circulation of documents remained approximately the same "Amaija" offered us a reduced monthly fee for their accounting services."

Jānis Eihmanis (businessman, SIA COLORPOP)

"I own two small agriculture businesses that operate in a different legal status. Consultations with "Amaija" accountants have helped me to organise the records of my businesses. I have been introduced to the requirements of the Latvian legal system that I have to consider when it comes to certain issues. This knowledge helps me to correctly organise financial records and pay less for accountancy outsourcing. The friendly attitude of the accountants when explaining professional issues is also very important. There is confidence that these proffessional issues are analyzed in depth at no extra cost. Thank you for your support at the beginning of my business career!"

Kārlis Smiltiņš (businessman from Ventspils)

"Looking back at our nearly three year long liaison we can say that we are satisfied with our cooperation with "Amaija" regarding accountancy services. The accountancy of Latvian Children's Fund is quite complex because of a variety of different projects and events specific to us which requires a truly professional understanding, competence and in depth analysis of many non-standard issues. With "Amaija" we feel confident that all our accountancy operations are performed correctly. We have established a very good contact with "Amaija's" accountants. They are responsive and work out an individual approach to every situation."

Vaira Vucāne (The vice-president of Latvian Children's Fund)

"Me and my wife are both doctors. When we begun our practices we thought that we could do a lot ourselves and save some money, so as to say, be at once doctors, purveyors, drivers and accountants. Our experience of dealing with financial matters ourselves was, and still is, valuble. However, gradually we realized that to be successful doctors we needed more time for ourselves, not only to learn new information but also to relax. To organize everything, including paper files, properly our working day was often even 18 hours long. What in clinics was done by the whole workforce, in our practices had to be done by nobody else than our family. Patients begun to be irritating as your work as a doctor was measured by the paperwork and not by the true level of effort that was put in. And when you realize that your priority is submitting a document to the Inland Revenue rather than the wellbeing of your patient, that's when you know something has to change. And then there were changes in the laws and regulations regarding the Inland Revenue. To track these one needed, again, more time. For example, an Inland Revenue official could call you up and inform you that because of some recent changes in the legislation you now owed money to the government. When asked where and at what time had these changes resulting in debt occurred you were usually answered that it was your problem were to search for this, what mattered to them was that the debt was paid. Trusting the IR's infallibility, I did what was asked of me. Internal tension rose significantly because there was a feeling that we tried to be the best at everything we did while at the same time it didn't benefit us in any way. And then there was the happy encounter with Amaija's wonderful accountants! Proffessionalism, sensitivity towards the customer, a surprising interest in the client's needs and concerns over the client's wellbeing, soon enough these brought a sense of calmness and creativity in our lives. Amaija's accountants are experts in what they do. They have eraned their trustworthiness through their work. For exampe, now any issues with the officials of the IR are only resolved in the presence of Amaija's accountants. If I receive a call telling me that there is some sort of a problem, I simply reply – please talk to my accountant! I remember that once the IR called demanding the repayment of a debt but in the end it turned out that the IR itself owed money! Without the help of Amaija's specialist I don't know if I would have been able to succeed at this. It appears that Riga is quite far away from Ventspils but for delivering documents this is no obstacle. You can always use the mail but it always warms my heart to see in person these very knowledgeable specialists who are at the same time very clever and feminine women whose support and advice helps us to see that the world is very beautiful indeed."

Gundars Kuklis (GP and pediatrician)

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